Saturday, January 25, 2014

This and That

Oilsands can help other parts of country if developed safer, faster -
 "All of Canada should be working to develop Alberta oilsands because the trillions of dollars it can generate can go to help other areas of the country, says an economic leader. Brad Ferguson, president and CEO of the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, says northern Alberta could contribute $2.1 trillion to the Canadian economy over the next twenty years, or $105 billion dollars a year."  Read

Not for sale Calgary house offered for free  -
"Jason Hastie may have grown very attached to the southwest Calgary home he has owned for the past 10 years, but he’s decided to give it away.
Hastie and wife Gina are building a new home on their Killarney property and, instead of seeing their existing one torn down, are offering it for free to a deserving new owner." Get it

TransCanada will look at rail if Keystone - " The chief executive of TransCanada said Wednesday if the Obama administration doesn't approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline his company will look to the more dangerous alternative of building build rail terminals in Alberta and Oklahoma." Jump

BoC maintains interest rate at 1%  -
"The growing U.S. economy will help Canada's export industry, though Canada will continue to have a worryingly low inflation rate for another couple of years, the Bank of Canada governor said Wednesday.
In response, the bank maintained its overnight interest rate at 1%." Jump

11 Acts of courage that will inspire you - The Daily Worth

Alberta wages surge young men choose work over school - “Go talk to Tim Hortons or McDonald’s, and ask them how easy they find it to hire employees. It’s these sort of industries that really struggle, because they can’t compete on salary,”  “A lot of young people who might take up those roles find opportunities to go and earn significant amounts of money at a young age out in the construction or oil and gas sectors.” Jim Fearon, vice-president for Western Canada for international recruitment firm Hays Jump

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