Monday, June 23, 2014

Alberta in the news

"Alberta Ingenuity plays a key role in fostering partnerships, like this with Hitachi, that enhance Alberta’s research capabilities.....Our goal is to ensure the quality of research in Alberta remains at a world-class level through support to place advanced equipment like this in the hands of talented Albertans." Dr. Peter Hackett, President and CEO of Alberta Ingenuity Fund Jump 
Good cash injection for Alberta’s nanotechnology sector. It's nice to see investment diversification.  

"Alberta is the most entrepreneurial province in Canada with the rate of entrepreneurship in Alberta 50 per cent higher than the national average, according to a new report." Here

With a real ‘can-do’ attitude Alberta boasts many start ups that have a long standing success rate.

"Alberta’s annual growth in retail sales will far outstrip the rest of the country this year, says the Conference Board of Canada." Here

I feel as though I have posted this article or some incarnation of it for the last 12 years. Sign of strong economy: increasing retail spending.

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