Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flying pumpkins and corn mazes

After a thoroughly fulfilling Thanksgiving weekend we need other ways to get out and celebrate our short beautiful prairie autumn.

We have become converts to the corn maze. Alberta's expanse makes the corn maze a really popular autumn family event. Usually there is a puzzle involved to make the maze interesting for kids. Some mazes have words cut into them that is the answer to the puzzle. For the adults the "Children of the Corn" jokes never stop coming. Right Malachai?

It's a lot of fresh air and walking sure to bring a good nights sleep.

Prairie Gardens and Adventure Farm have a huge puzzle, lots of activities and a haunted house that you can see with the kids. The also have the best thing I have ever seen done to a pumpkin - shooting them out of canons. Oddly satisfying.

Take a look at their excellent video here (THIS  VIDEO IS NOT FOR KIDS!) GO!

Prairie  Gardens is 100% kid friendly but this video is a little scary.

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