Tuesday, October 07, 2014

This and That October

Alberta is forging ahead with economic optimism - “Saudi Arabia’s (reported discounting of oil prices) could drive prices lower. But we could also see a situation where worries about supplies coming out of Iraq start driving oil prices higher again. There are just so many moving parts to this, and so many of them are geopolitical, not economic in nature.” Read more

Alberta's Goldilocks Economy - "In the long-run, it's stacked against us," he explained. "Energy is always going to be our strong card, but how do we increase that envelope of what's captured in the energy sector. It's hydrocarbons plus what other renewable energy sources could we be the champions of in Alberta. There's still a lot of work we need to do.” Jump here

When it gets to cold go to L.A. - "American Airlines launched Thursday its daily non-stop flight to Los Angeles International Airport from Edmonton." More here

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