Monday, March 16, 2015

Detroit Reclaimed

Here are companies in Detroit truly making the best out of a bad situation. By reclaiming wood and glass from abandoned homes, they are keeping old forest wood out of landfills and producing beautiful products.

"Gary Zimnicki and Mark Wallace make guitars. Zimnicki also makes ukuleles and mandolins from old lumber that he says produces a richer sound. While most of his acoustic instruments use conventional wood, some buyers want an instrument made from a 100-year-old house, said Zimnicki, 57, whose home workshop is in Allen Park, a suburb.

“It’s a cool thing to be involved with preserving some of the past, part of our heritage,” said Zimnicki, showing a US$4,500 guitar made of wood from a house built in 1910. The top is made of Douglas fir from ceiling joists, rather than spruce. The back and sides are made from maple floorboards. " 

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