Thursday, March 12, 2015

This and That March

Edmonton real estate market where is your downtown? 

The oil prices have everyone jumpy but as yet the market here is not showing significant moves either way. In our key areas houses are still being listed at values indicative of a strong market.

Listed but not sold.

We'll need to wait and see if what they are asking is actually what they get. 

“Our inventory is increasing, but we were very low and we expected it to do that in the spring,”
“Our sales are down a little, but we still do have sales. They’re not down as drastically as Calgary’s.” Realtor's Association of Edmonton President Geneva Tetreault  Read More

Something from across the pond

It's a great reminder of the Albertan/Canadian cost of living when you see what you can get overseas for the same amount of money as a house in Canada. Of course it works both ways if you look at Vancouver.
Investors from around the world have come to Vancouver to purchase properties to ensure their kids can get a high quality education. This is happening now in Scotland. 

"The average price of properties for Chinese buyers in the UK, skewed by London, is £770,000. But Mr Taylor says that spans "ultra-high-net-worth buyers who can spend tens and tens of millions, down to the buyer who starts looking at properties in the £100,000s" Read More

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