Friday, May 29, 2015

And here we go...

"Albertans are being set up for higher personal, corporate and resource taxes.

Despite what new premier Rachel Notley says, the province’s finances aren’t really that much worse than the Tory government said. For all the Tories’ faults (and there were many), they didn’t sugar-coat the state of Alberta’s revenue problems.

But by claiming, as Notley did following the first NDP cabinet meeting on Wednesday in Calgary, that “we are starting to find the challenges are a bit bigger than what may have been featured in the Prentice government’s campaign,” Notley is getting ready to abandon her own campaign promises not to raise taxes much, except on the richest Albertans.

If you promised not to raise taxes on 90 per cent of Albertans, but now that you’re safely elected you admit that was never realistic, how do you explain to voters that the 90-percent pledge can’t be kept? Why, of course, you blame the unpopular, outgoing government." JUMP

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