Monday, May 11, 2015

The sound of crickets...

I went to pick up my son the day after the landmark NDP victory in Alberta. I was bursting to talk to someone to say "What do you think?" except no one said anything. I heard more about the snow than I did about the election. Although there were a few 'Hell has frozen over' jokes.

We're all waiting to see what will happen. And that's all we can do is wait. In the meantime here are a few good links to check out:

The danger of financial ignorance - "While men outperformed women on the finance quiz, greater numbers of women responded that they “don’t know,” a result that held true all over the world. The upshot is that women, more conscious of their limitations, are more likely to be interested in financial-education programs" Here

Don't raise the minimum wage. Fine tune it - "Maybe a solution can be found to sharpen the minimum wage tool. In the Netherlands, the minimum wage increases with the worker’s age. A 15-year-old must be paid a minimum of €2.89 an hour ($3.92, up to 36 hours a week). When the worker turns 16, it rises to €3.32. It notches higher by increments of about €0.50 to €1.50 an hour until it peaks at €9.63 for a 23-year-old worker." Here

Stay tuned here on Alberta and the NDP election...

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