Thursday, August 20, 2015

Avenue Magazine Edmonton top 10 Neighbourhoods

There are a lot of beautiful neighbourhoods listed. I have rentals in 4 of them and never have a problem renting them because they are hip and desireable areas.

It depends what you are looking for, if you work in Fort Saskatchewan none of these would be great except maybe the highlands (which is also surrounded by some very interesting neighbourhoods) Some are well located in you bike or use transit but access to major routes would take longer.

Ritchie is one of my favorite we lived there for a while. Such great neighbours, airport in 20 minutes and downtown in 10 minutes. It's transitioning quickly and what we bought our place for four years agos would get you a 2 bedroom tear down now.

Every time I go out I try and think of a reason to go to Westmount to get a brownie from Dutchess Bake Shop.

Look at the full list here

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