Thursday, August 13, 2015

This and That - August

What's happening in real estate markets outside of Toronto and Vancouver? 

"Unlike its sister city, Calgary, Edmonton’s housing market hasn’t felt quite the same pinch from falling oil prices. Sales rose 2.4 per cent in June and prices were up 2 per cent from a year earlier.
Yet while home prices have so far avoided a crash, Edmonton has witnessed a different type of housing-market phenomenon this year: a boom in rental-apartment construction. " Jump here

Beautiful Historic 1912 Tudor Edmonton Mansion sells Jump

Oil slump hits Fort McMurray
"Fort McMurray renter Richard Mayers and his family are now paying $2,700 a month for a four-bedroom home, down from $3,200. It’s a much-needed price break because Mr. Mayers recently was laid off as operations manager at CEDA International Corp., which provides industrial maintenance services for the oil-sands industry.  Read more

This is how much it costs to live in Calgary vs Edmonton
Alberta may be facing a less-than-ideal economy, but people are still coming to the province in search of employment.
Despite a loss of 5,000 jobs in June, over the past year Alberta has still gained 22,800 jobs, up 1 per cent, according to the latest employment figures from StatsCan.
Bank of Montreal economist Robert Kavcic told the Huffington Post most of Alberta's job losses have been in the oil patch, so far, with the cities "somewhat insulated."
So we decided to compare what it costs to live in Calgary versus Edmonton, as a newcomer to the province. Jump here

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