Tuesday, January 05, 2016

New Year Old You, but Better.

Every January first my family makes a dream board.   They encompass all the things we hope to do in the upcoming year. From our kid's "running as fast as a Power Ranger" to our mature "eating healthy, delicious food".

Dream boards are so much fun to make. They erase the anxiety that comes at the beginning of a new year and replaces it with positive expectations and focus.

We do a business one as well and they are empowering to look back on. From planning for one property to the portfolio we hold now. It's amazing but over the last 15 years we've reached 75% of the goals we wrote down. Not necessarily in the year we anticipated to reach them but it does happen. Your goals are usually met when you can handle them.

So by all means do your goal sheets, write specific tangible goals and see where you go.

   "When people tell you that they hope you reach your potential, they are usually talking about the future. But the best use of your potential is not in the future. It's now. Because your potential is just another word for your hidden, under-utilized  talent. And the best use of your talent is right here, right now. "  Steve Chandler

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