Wednesday, January 20, 2016

This and That January 2016

There is a big downturn coming but it will turn around eventually - "We need to take a much more aggressive stance and make sure this industry, which has been our bread and butter in this province for so long, needs to continue to be invested in and be competitive at those lower prices," (Edmonton Economic Development Corporation CEO Brad Ferguson) said, adding even if oil ends up at less than $20 a barrel, it still promises to be a money-maker for provincial coffers." Read HERE

Notley rethinking the budget to create jobs and stability for Albertans. There is a great video here too of Brad Ferguson - JUMP

Yes unemployment is rising, housing prices are dropping. It's to be expected. For investors the question is how to make this an opportunity for you - HERE

Liberals looking at Alberta because a weak Alberta is a weak Canada - HERE

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