Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Inspiration From Donald Trump

Excerpts from Bo Bennett’s article ‘Year To Success’ 7/07

Success is dealing with change, both positive and negative. The Donald Trump story is one of the most amazing stories of financial roller coaster rides there is. He went from real estate billionaire, to being close to $900 million dollars in debt, back to billionaire in a relatively short period of time.

Success is making your own mark, regardless of your upbringing. Donald was raised in a well-to-do family and had many opportunities and advantages in his youth. Despite his privileged upbringing, he did not inherit anything and went on to fame and fortune through his own business accomplishments.

Success is making the right connections. When Donald first moved to Manhattan, he was practically broke. Regardless, he squandered what money he did have to join one of the city's most exclusive clubs and met some very influential people.
Success is having an attractive personality. Donald Trump is funny, smart and honest. He is a very likeable person who knows the value of honest admiration.

Success is handling pressure. In 1991 when Trump was about $900 million in debt, it was his ability to deal with pressure that allowed him to stay in the game and eventually pull off one of the largest financial comebacks in history.

Success is self-promotion. Donald Trump is a very public figure who uses his popularity to fuel his success. He has appeared in dozens of movies, commercials and TV shows and currently stars in a reality-based TV series. It is reported that 98% of Americans surveyed know who Donald Trump is.

Success is doing great things for others. There is a story about an unemployed mechanic who once helped Donald Trump get his limo working again after it stalled on the highway. The mechanic did not accept anything for his services besides a "thank you". Trump was so impressed with the mechanic's generosity that the next day he sent flowers to the man's wife, and a letter certifying that the man's mortgage had been paid off in full.

Donald Trump (1946 -) is a real estate billionaire, best-selling author and executive producer of The Apprentice TV show.

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