Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tips From Real Estate Guru Don R.Campbell

If you are Canadian, interested in investing and haven't read Don R.Campbell's books then you really, really should. His Canadian specific content and great down to earth advice are much more relevant to Canadians than American authored Real Estate books.

His Books:

Real Estate Investing In Canada
97 Tips For Canadian Real Estate Investors
51 Success Stories from Canadian Real Estate Investors (12/5/2007 publish)

Here are a few fantastic tips taken from Canada's Real Estate Investing Guru:

Real Estate Investing Tips From Don Campbell

* “Don’t listen to anyone -- including me.” Do your own homework and find a system that forces you to ask the tough questions.

* Target older properties, not brand new units. “With some renovation work, you will add value to the property.”

* Avoid buying pre-build properties. “Pre-builds are not investments, they are speculations. You have no idea what will happen in three years.”

* Analyze the property and make a clear decision based on fundamentals, not emotions.

* When choosing a neighbourhood, look for three things: an older area that is in transition; an area that has easy access to transportation; and preferably an area that has an undeserving bad reputation based on local stigma.

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