Thursday, September 27, 2007

Killing For A Loan?

This is a really sad article that I came across from A business man and father of three was slain for a mortgage that fell through.

"Two men accused of orchestrating and carrying out the murder of successful Calgary businessman Jack Beauchamp appeared in court on Monday.

Friends and family of Beauchamp, a 49-year-old father of three and former president of commercial mortgage lending company Morbank Financial, crowded the Court of Queen's Bench in Calgary for the start of a trial that is expected to last four weeks.

Beauchamp was found fatally shot in the head and chest on Jan. 16, 2006, surrounded by shell casings in the hallway of the 12th floor offices of the firm he founded.

Robert Deer, 54, and Mohammed Karim, 25, are charged with first degree murder.

Calling it a planned and deliberate crime, Crown prosecutors Sue Kendall and Pamela McCluskey told the court that the accused plotted the murder after a real estate deal went sour.

Kendall told the court that Deer planned to develop houses on Westmount Road in the trendy Calgary neighbourhood of Kensington, and arranged a $1-million mortgage with Beauchamp's company. When the mortgage deal fell through, she said Deer began an angry email exchange with Beauchamp.

Kendall said she intends to prove to the court that Karim pulled the trigger, and that he was acting on Deer's behalf."


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