Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do You Know The Alberta Advantage?

A marketing term, "branding" if you will, of a province by the genius that is Ralph Klein.

The Alberta Advantage was used to promote, well, Alberta's advantages to the world. From giving Alberta shaped cheques (can't find proof of this but I heard it on a podcast -urban legend?? folklore??) to charities to opening Alberta offices in countries around the world; Klein started a highly successful marketing campaign for a province like it was the hottest new product around.

And do you know what? It is.

"Entrepreneurial-ism" and business are what Klein promoted; one look at Alberta's blockbuster economy shows that he was more than successful.

This is the Alberta Advantage from Wikipedia :

"The Alberta Advantage illustrates, using widely accepted performance indicators, that Alberta is leading the way in these areas and is progressing toward its vision by capitalizing on the exciting opportunities that are available…

* a strong and vibrant economy
* a young, skilled and productive workforce
* affordable living costs
* a strong commitment to innovation and knowledge-based progress
* a highly entrepreneurial and competitive business community
* a business-friendly province committed to responsible regulation
* the lowest overall tax load of any province in Canada, including no retail sales tax
* a modern and efficient infrastructure
* an abundance of natural resources
* a beautiful natural environment
* a fiscally responsible provincial government

The Alberta Advantage is organized around the following categories: the economy, people, taxes, operating costs, quality of life and sound financial management. It shows that Alberta is "the place to be.""

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