Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Haunted Alberta - Spooky Real Estate

Who could resist? I should write about ROI's or the two great new properties we have picked up recently but all work and no play makes people axe murders! With help from two great sites, The Shadowlands and Zuko - Weird And Spooky Places, I was able to compile a few Albertan haunted houses.

From Zuko:

1.Banff Springs Hotel - "One very sad and tragic tale involves a young bride and her elegant wedding party in the hotel's grand ballroom. It seems that on the day of the young woman's wedding, she was descending the ornate marble staircase in her beautiful flowing white wedding gown. And, as the story goes, an unexpected breeze (presumably from an open door or window) twisted the gown's flowing train into her path, causing her to stumble. Attempts by the groom to catch-hold of his young wife were in vain, and she fell to her death on the polished marble tiles below. To this day, there are recurring reports of a fleeting vision of a beautiful girl in a long flowing white dress dancing in the ballroom or descending the staircase. At other times, people have commented on brief but chilling breezes brushing past them on the grand staircase." Read About Sam - The Helpful Dead Doorman

From The Shadowlands

2.Brooks - Community Cultural Centre - "This was an old hospital in the 1940's, and many people died here. There are repeated sightings of an older janitor of the building going from room to room to clean, a young boy with a back pack wandering the halls, and many kids have heard an elderly woman read them stories. Through the use of a Ouija board, staff members have communicated with the young boy, who is 9 years old, and afraid of being there. He often plays with the toys in the daycare in the basement, and has told the staff members that there are a total of 75 ghosts in the building"

3.Calgary - Abbydale SE - "In a blue and white two story house lies a family of four with an incident involving a black figure like blur. Before all this there was a cold chill by the basement cellar. Even though the heat was on the beds where always ice cold and the moaning coming from the cellar sounded like a man with a deep voice. From there on in this sound was like a confession of some sort or a plea to god. Still today the family doesn’t know what the mumbling is trying to say because it is in a foreign language that hasn't been heard before. The sightings of the black blur was seen on a regular daily bases but only to have come so far to a person then suddenly vanish."

4.Calgary - Grace Hospital - "A woman was seen cradling a child in her arms in a delivery room. She would bang pipes and open windows, but wasn't much of a threat to anyone. However, she did make it so that a woman in labor who was placed in that room would have a long and difficult labor, often ending in a caesarean section. The ghost is that of a woman named Maudine Riley. The Riley's owned the land, which the hospital is built on. Maudine Riley died in childbirth in one of the rooms of her house. The room she died in was almost in the exact position where the haunted delivery room is now located. Her child perished with her. It seems that she is afraid of letting women give birth in that room, because she thinks they might suffer her fate. Across the street from the hospital is Riley Park. There's a monument erected there in memory of Maudine and her child."

The Creepiest For Last...

5.Edmonton - La'Boheme Bed and Breakfast - "Old Gibbard Block in northeast Edmonton. Built in 1912. It was an upscale apartment building. Woman employee was murdered and dragged down three flights of stairs to basement where she was dismembered and fed into furnace. The sound of her head bouncing off each stair can be heard at night. The original furnace is still in use."

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