Monday, October 08, 2007

More To Be Thankful For Than Usual

Canada's stellar economy, low un-employment rates and strong dollar leave Canadians a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.

"We live in a time of plenty. Our country is experiencing an exceptional period of harmony. Our governments in Ottawa and Quebec are in minority postures, which are notionally unstable but surprisingly functional most of the time.

On Friday, StatsCan put out the best labour-market report in 33 years, which is to say in nearly two generations. Unemployment fell to 5.9 per cent in a country in which six per cent, because of our generous social safety net, is considered full employment. In September alone, the economy grew by 51,000 jobs."

Of Canada's rising star has more than any province to be thankful for,

"And Alberta, well, what can you say about an economy with a jobless rate of only 3.6 per cent, while fast-food restaurants continue to close because they can't find people to flip burgers? Let the good times roll." READ ARTICLE

So at the dinner table give thanks for your health, family and friends but also squeeze a thanks in there for being Canadian at probably the biggest economic boom we have seen for a long time.

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