Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Do We Do Exactly?

Recently a lot of people are asking what exactly is a joint venture investment and "What DO you guys do?"

To put it simply:

We leverage our time, knowledge, expertise, contacts and education for investment capital and we own the asset/property we buy 50/50.

1. Choosing quality revenue properties using a proven real estate system - this often means searching through 100's of properties in select areas. It takes time to find a good property in an appreciating area that is a deal. Most people look at a maximum of 10 properties we look at 100s.

2. Purchased undervalue and/or with a decreased down payment - Close to 90% of the deals we do are less than 25% down deals heck they are often less than 20% down. Second mortgages, assumable mortgages and agreements of sale are a few savvy strategies that let investors leverage money further and further.

3. Evaluate potential properties using A.C.R.E. system - beautiful scenery doesn't make a house appreciate ask people in the U.S about that now. There are many markers that you must look for in a property to increase the return you get in the future. Yes, location is but one of them!

4. Inspect, negotiate and conduct exemplary due diligence on property - I knew and "investor" who would go to a house and roll marbles around to make sure it wasn't sinking. I say leave the toys at home and the job to the pros. Often what you can't see in a house is what comes back to bite you.

5. Finance, insure and hold mortgage on investment property - This is the biggest relief for most investors they don't want the burden of getting a mortgage.

6. Cost effectively renovate property up to a top standard of rent readiness - dealing with contractors, need I say more?

7. Choose quality, equity building tenants that improve the property’s value - Tenants are more important than anyone in the deal if your house isn't rented well it's eating your money. Plus did you ever see Pacific Heights? Luckily in Alberta tenancy laws would never allow that nightmare to happen.

8. Appropriately market time and sell to maximize profits - People want to sell now because they think it's over. The only thing that is over is a blip in a long term increase. If you sell now you lose if you wait the market out, use economic factors as a guide when to sell and buy in a strategic location you'll never leave money on the table.


1. Fund Investment Account - Sounds easy doesn't it?

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