Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who Says Landlords Never Give Back?

An Edmonton landlord struggles to keep the school near his complex open and is willing to pay to make that happen.

"Reg Appleyard, Meadowcroft Housing Society of Edmonton's
executive director, told public school trustees that he will guarantee 110 students are enrolled in Woodcroft Elementary School by Sept. 15, and the society will pay nearly $5,000 for every student short of the goal, up to $98,224 or a shortfall of 19 kids." Photo courtesy of Edmonton Journal.

Relying on 30 years of accumulated reserve
funds, Reg sees this as the biggest crisis the complex has had to face, and is willing to pay to keep the school and his units tenanted.

"We bought this complex 30 years ago, and we've always set aside funds each year for crises or emergencies," he said. "We feel that this is probably the biggest crisis we've faced in 30 years, and so we are prepared to use some of our reserve funds to try to solve the Woodcroft Elementary School problem." Reg Appleyard

What a reserve fund!
Reg seems determined to get those seats filled and has already signed up children.

I can't help but wonder if his reserve funds could be spent in a way that could revitalize the community or help tenants who can't find housing rent in his building. The $5000 shortfall per child could actually equate to a $416.00 monthly rent reduction for a year in his building.

That might attract a lot new tenants, fill the school and offer subsidized housing.

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