Friday, May 30, 2008

Edmonton Property Taxes Going Up In 2009

Many Edmonton property owners found a gift of the 2008 tax assessment in their mailbox this week. Although the heavy envelopes probably weren't met with squeals of glee they will certain be more pleasant than what will hit your mailbox next year. Expect property taxes to increase by at least 9% in 2009

"This is … just maintaining existing levels. These are no extra frills. This is where we need to start," Coun. Kim Krushell on proposed tax increases to Edmonton property owners.

The growing city requires a lot of money to meet the demands on infrastructure from population growth.

You'll just have to factor in this little expensive when you buy your next property. If you divide your property taxes over 12 months this will be a small blip in the figures. The city also has a Monthly Payment Plan that is relative easy to set up and makes the tax payment a lot less painless.

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