Thursday, May 01, 2008

That Is Exactly The Problem

If you're poor or relatively poor, it's possible to have many of the things the middle class has," "It's just that you have to pay for them for a longer period of time." Michael Haan, a sociology professor at the University of Alberta
Focusing on needs not wants puts a lot of people into financial debt, they have to stop digging the hole.

Perhaps this is why we have Gen Xs and Ys in so much debt. When graduates start work they are looking a minimum of $20k student loans and credit card debt. Mix that in with a poor understanding of finances and you will have a generation with all the bling but none of the bang in their bank accounts. Preparing for the future financially is something that should be taught from elementary school.

Thank goodness people like Robert Kiyosaki saw the need and filled it and by helping people he became a financial fortress.

Investing when you are young and saving money to invest is so important because once the first home, child and car come you could be looking at a lifetime of debt.

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