Friday, May 09, 2008

Watch The Property Values Rise

We've generally stayed away from Alberta Ave because the headaches of managing and tenanting the property far outweighed the low price tags. However, with an $8.5 million , 5 block-per-year revitalization in the works it's starting to look more and more attractive.

"Alberta Avenue, the 27-block stretch of 118th Avenue north of downtown, is getting a facelift. Crews are beginning work on "streetscaping" five blocks of the avenue, putting in new road surfaces, new and wider sidewalks, new trees and better lighting." Susan Ruttan,

Don R. Campbell often says to not be the first in the area to start the gentrification but come in the middle when the risk takers have done most of the work. I would say this is a good indication that properties in this previously forsaken (drugs, prostitution and crime) area are going to make a nice profit.

My good friend has been active by spreading flower seeds on walks with her dog, in hopes of beautifying the area around her investment property. Looks like the city is ready to follow her lead.

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