Thursday, July 24, 2008

Canada's Outlook For The Next 5 Years

The Conference Board of Canada has released it's 5 year outlook for Canada. Alberta performs superlatively in all areas.
  • Economic Growth - Alberta will be surpassed only by Saskatchewan in 2008 but from 2009 to 2012 Alberta will lead the nation, including Saskatchewan, by a solid percentage point
  • Population Growth - In 2008 Alberta will lead the nation by a full 2% at 2.5%. The closest contender is Saskatchewan at 1.4%
  • Unemployment Rates - No surprise here Alberta has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada and beats Ontario, Saskatchewan and B.C by a huge margin.
  • Personal Income per Capita - Albertans enjoy a $10,000 spread over the rest of the nation. Although they may feel that things are tough they are the richest Canadians with the best prospects.

To download your own copy go to the Conference Board of Canada website great reading when you can't sleep!

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