Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Leading The World In Sustainable Energy

Alberta and the oil sands get a pretty dirty rap from environmentalists. When you are running the biggest project on earth you are always under scrutiny and of course everyone has an opinion. Yet every month or so I find an article about how Alberta is leading the world environmentally one way or another.

"Edmonton will soon become the first city in the world to start turning its solid waste into liquid fuel.

The city has signed an agreement with two Canadian biofuel companies to build a plant that will take regular garbage out of landfills and turn it into ethanol.

Those behind the initiative are calling it a huge step towards sustainable, environmentally friendly energy. "

Although there is a lot of talk about ethanol and how we should be using it, why is an area that is getting so much flak leading the WORLD in this initiative? More action and less talk perhaps??

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