Thursday, July 10, 2008

Edmonton Has It Too!

"CBRE's second quarter 2008 report says investment sales volume year-to-date was $1.65 billion, compared to $2.2 billion for all of last year. The numbers show "continued investment confidence" in the Calgary real estate market, said Bruce Irvine, vice-president of business development and retention for Calgary Economic Development. " Click Here

The reason is Alberta and Calgary and, yes, Edmonton have great economic fundamentals. The article states that Alberta has "mojo" and is the shining star of the Canadian economy.

Funnily enough when talking to our Realtor and property manager (the on the ground team) the say the area is rife with pessimism and that many Albertans just can't see the Alberta Advantage. If you are someone that can see the advantage then you have a clairvoyance that can set you up for life.

Where others see crisis successful people see opportunity.

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