Sunday, November 30, 2008

Be Optimistic

My friend Grahame posted pictures of his new 'neighbors' last night. I was a bit surprised to learn that they mainly consisted of a rag-tag group of poisonous reptiles, somehow peacefully coexisting in and out of the structures of his home.

The last time I visited Grahame was in sunny Victoria, B.C., we toured his modest house and sat on his newly built deck over looking the oriental pond that he'd built. So, the shock of reptilian neighbors made me think that the old neighborhood had really changed.

But these neighbors are a new set.

Grahame actually sold up his Island home and moved to Nicaragua a few months ago. His lifestyle change had temporarily slipped my mind, probably as I'm getting used to my new lifestyle with baby Ronan.

Moving to Nicaragua was a massive step for my friend and one that he weighed out with considerable thought. It's definitely not for everyone, but I bet its pretty liberating for those that can do it.

Grahame used a fair chunk of profits from his home sale to fund the costs of building his villa. He continues to co-operate a successful business back in Victoria, and coupled with other investments, provide him the cash flow needed to cover daily living expenses.

Although Nicaragua may not be your dream, yours may be Paris, Zimbabwe, New York or just to pay off your home's mortgage.

Grahame's story is another example of how you can use your real estate (and other investments) to seize your dreams anytime in life - you don't always have to wait for retirement, especially if you're open to mingling with new neighbors.

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