Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm glad I'm not the only one...

After the was relaunched last month I have had nothing but grief trying to work out how to use the new interfaces and even just get to my regions on the map. Apparently 16,000 emails says I'm not the only one:

"The new site, redubbed in a nod to the industry it's meant to serve (, CREA rightly decided, was a little oblique), was meant to improve the user experience, not hamper it. The old interface, which divided provinces or cities into arbitary segments (Toronto's were C01 for downtown, or W01 for the west end), was done away with in favour of postal codes, or an interactive map.

The problems were apparent immediately. "People had some trouble getting the map to work," Linney (Bob Linney of CREA) says, a verbal shrug. On the technical side, CREA is trying to iron out the rough spots for a quiet reintroduction of the new site on Nov. 20"

I especially like the reference to online house browsing as "real estate porn" - gawking into houses we dream of affording. It's sort of a virtual visualization isn't it?

Anyhow hopefully the relaunch will improve the site we know and love.

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