Thursday, April 02, 2009

Canadian Newborn in Japan?

Yesterday I spent the whole day at my city hall. We all know how much fun that is. I didn't know this but if your baby is born in Japan he/she needs a visa just like you do.

Make sure you get it all dealt within 90 days because they are granted tourist visas at birth. Of course your child will probably not be deported by you may have to sign an apology or some extra documents.

Things you need to get a visa:

1. Most important you must register the baby at city hall with 14 days after the delivery date. By doing this you will get the birth certificate.
2. You need an Alien Registration card for the baby. I got it at the I registered the birth.
3. Your child needs a passport from your embassy. For Canadians a rush job takes 2 weeks.

Number 3 was hard for us because to get a Canadian passport for a child born abroad you need proof of citizenship for the parents. We both didn't have birth certificates so we had to order them from our respective provinces.

We used our lawyer Inoue-San and he made everything go smoothly as usual.

Luckily, Ronan was born months before the new bill passed limiting Canadian citizenship, that means that if his children are born abroad they will automatically be granted Canadian citizenship.

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