Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The World and Your Backyard

Life in Fort McMurray has certainly slowed down since the oil prices dropped. Things haven't stopped though.

The city where there were never enough workers now has a chance to pick and choose rather than hire the first body that walks in. The infrastructure that couldn't house a population that tripled can now catch up and improve housing.

“When you take a population that has doubled and is on its way to tripling, every piece of infrastructure you can think of is still in a catch-up phase,” “This is a golden opportunity to get caught up to some of those needs and be better prepared.” Fort McMurray Mayor Melissa Blake

“Now is an opportunity for us to be more competitive,” “Because we are local, we don’t carry the living-out allowances, we don’t have the high costs of travel expenses. Our people come from the community.” Nicole Bourque-Bouchier, president of the Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association.
“I don’t think the growth will be anywhere as intense as it has been, but I don’t think it will subside,” “It’s a matter of keeping in mind what is going on around the world and what that means in our own back yard.” Fort McMurray Mayor Melissa Blake

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