Sunday, April 05, 2009

It's a Scam! Or is it?

Stocks bonds, mutual funds and GICs aren't so appealing anymore. So how can you invest your money and feel safe?

I read an article today on different types of investments offered to the public in the oil sands region. Specifically those that fall into the exempt market:

"The exempt market covers a wide range of investment opportunities, including hedge funds, but it generally applies to any security sold without a prospectus. When a company wants to raise capital by issuing bonds, stock or mutual funds, it must file with the provincial securities commission a prospectus: often a lengthy, legal document outlining detailed business activities of the business and the security it's selling. These publicly traded securities can only be sold by a dealer licensed to sell them." The Winnipeg Free Press

It was a pretty good one, pointing out the due diligence an investor should take before investing.

Our investments do not fall under the exempt market because they are not divided into shares and are a partnership investing into a property. We also share the profits AND the losses, very unusual in any investment.

Things to ask:
What is your expected return?
How's the deal going to be financed?
What's the track record of the management team?
How liquid is your investment?

Don't forget to definitely get independent legal advice, not your brother the divorce lawyer but a lawyer who specializes in investing.

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