Friday, May 01, 2009

Is that a glimmer of hope?

It seems as though everyone is seeing them nowadays. Glimmers of hope caught here and there in the news. Obama saw one and now the heads of three major Edmonton-based financial institutions are seeing them too. Is it something in the water?

Low interest rates and a slight loosening on mortgages both stimulate the real estate market and help more and more people get into a property.

"I'd rather be here in Alberta than anywhere else in the world right now to ride out this recession," Garth Warner, chief executive of Servus Credit Union

CREA also got into the happy hour with predictions of a slump in sales but then increases across Canada by 2010.

Edmonton felt the slowdown first so it will be the first area to get out of it. Meanwhile I'm buying properties at soft prices with $300 per month positive cashflow.

Seems like the time to buy.

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