Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sick Babies, Vacuums and Microwaves

Sick babies, vacuums and microwaves. What do they all have in common? Hard to guess for most, but for me they are a flurry of things that went sideways in my house last week. It brings to mind the old adage trouble comes in threes. Our challenges were small this month but what about months when you're hit with bigger and longer lasting bumps in your path? The ones that go from speed bumps to small mountains.

Deepak Chopra wrote that America's safety net is unraveling to the point where an illness can wipe-out a middle class family.

In Canada (and Japan) we have relatively good health care systems, especially when compared to elsewhere in the world. Last week our son Ronan had a cold that went to his chest (bronchitis) and had to spend the night in hospital getting an I.V. That was worrying to say the least. We are fortunate to be able to move our schedules around to look after our little guy.

It makes you consider weaving the safety net even finer and stronger to protect yourself more. That may mean increased flexibility around your job or in your business or greater control over your finances; magnifying the point that creating a wall of financial security around your family is paramount.

The microwave and vacuum? They blew up the same day and were easily replaced.

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