Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Terminate California's Fuel Standard?

"Federal and Alberta officials were lobbying hard last week against the specter of California - with a population larger than all of Canada's - shutting its doors to Alberta crude, dubbed "dirty oil" by environmentalists."

Perhaps "The Terminator" feels like a fight and prefers the blood soaked oil of the Middle East?

The irony is California doesn't even buy oil sands oil! Way to go Arnold! It's a lot of chest banging especially if importing oil won't affect your state but gets you pats on the back for being green. That's what politics is I guess. Anyway maybe now that he wants to legalize marijuana Californians will be to high to notice.

"Certainly California is an attractive market, but California on its own not purchasing oilsands oil, that simply means ... oilsands oil can feed the demand in other states, said University of Alberta professor Andrew Leach."

Don't get me wrong I really respect Mr. Schwarzenegger. I even read his biography.

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Kim of S.I. Unik said...

What's going on in California anyway? Good intentions but....