Sunday, July 12, 2009

Edmonton employment figures doing well

A lot of jobs in Alberta are seasonal so jumps in unemployment numbers in spring, more students looking for jobs, or dips in winter, oil sands job fluctuations, aren't really indicative of the province's economic health.

In Edmonton some workers are getting laid off or hours reduced but skilled workers are still in incredible demand. In direct contradiction to higher unemployment numbers.

"We're hearing employers are having difficulty finding people,"

"The Shell Scottford construction is seeking over 1,000 tradespeople and Flint Energy is having difficulty finding 200 journeymen pipefitters."

"the worst-hit areas in Alberta for job losses are the agriculture sector, wholesale and retail trade market and areas such as building maintenance."

"The job gains are ... in accommodation and food services, finance, insurance and real estate and transportation and warehousing." Alberta Employment and Immigration spokesman Terry Jorden.

Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are the few cities in Canda where unemployment rates are improving.

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