Thursday, July 30, 2009

This and That

Alta. premier tells Ottawa not to be 'boy scouts' on climate change - “We just want to be very careful that we’re not boy scouts leading here and finding that our best trading partner may have a different plan or approach to climate change,” Ed Stelmach

The environment is the number 1 priority but not so much that the economy should falter. Look at our record with the Kyoto accord.

Alberta doldrums Province's employment insurance claims skyrocket, according to recent survey - ATB Financial senior economist Todd Hirsch said layoffs are usually a method of last resort for cash-strapped employers and younger, less experienced workers will find themselves out of a job first.

Hirsch said that although Alberta's economy appears to have the worst behind it, the job market is likely to continue softening over the summer.

However, Hirsch noted that Alberta's EI claims rose so dramatically because they had nowhere to go but up.

"It's jumped up tremendously since last year," he said. "But it's because we were starting at such a ridiculously low level."

When your coming from record lows increase will look significant as the economy jumps back these figures will drop again to lower ranges.

Part Three: Calgary-Edmonton proposal stuck at station - "Land has been assembled in Calgary and Edmonton, the provincial government is eyeing transportation corridors and there's growing corporate and public interest in the project, but a high-speed train won't be leaving the station any time soon in Alberta.

In the wake of a newly released government report studying the prospects for high-speed rail in Alberta, there's renewed momentum to build the 300-kilometre, multibillion-dollar link between Calgary and Edmonton — one that could shuttle passengers between the two centres in as little as one hour."
When this project is completed the future of these two cities will be incredible. The article states 20 years till any sign of the high-speed train but I imagine we will see building start a lot sooner than that.
If there is a stop in Red Deer watch property values go through the roof.

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