Monday, July 20, 2009

Stories about Edmonton

I don't know why Canadians have such fixed opinions of our cities. For example you say "Toronto" and you can unleash a torrent of vitriol from quite a few Canadians. Personally I think Toronto is dire but don't hate it.

Anywhere between Ontario and Alberta will get an eye roll perhaps a shocked expression and a "How can you live there.. in the cold? With no trees?"

British Columbia is viewed as beautiful, laid back, lots of hippies and perhaps recreational drug use.

Alberta, unfortunately, is still viewed by some as the wild west, lacking panache and refinement. It's an outdated opinion that many people change when the come to visit the vibrant cities of Edmonton and Calgary.

For a view of Edmonton from the inside take a look at the Edmonton Stories website. There are many wonderful stories and videos about Edmonton, the lifestyle and how perceptions changed after visiting this great western city.

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