Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Great Climate Change Hijack

Could the focus on climate change take away from other pressing environmental issues?

I know one thing this summer in Canada global warming wasn't prevalent at all. With Edmonton having 5C nights in the middle of August, I had to wonder if it wasn't a bit of global cooling at work.

"The BBC's environment correspondent Richard Black investigates if climate change is diverting attention away from other environmental problems such as air pollution, acid oceans and species extinction.

Talk about climate change is everywhere, from the classroom to the UN. It is undoubtedly an important issue, but has our enthusiasm for tackling climate change led us to neglect other pressing and arguably more immediate environmental concerns, such as poor air quality in our major cities?

Why has climate change attracted so much political attention and the loss of plant and animal species so little?

Far from being an 'inconvenient truth', could the climate change debate actually be rather politically convenient?"

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