Sunday, August 23, 2009

I forgot to tell you...

We went to Canada for two great weeks. It was Ronan's first international flight and he was fantastic. Slept the whole way there (hint to traveling new parents make sure you get the bassinet seat) on the way back it was a bit rougher and jet lag seems to have affected him more but overall we've got a little traveler here. We're excited to take him to Malaysia this winter.

Our family was ecstatic to see him and he was a hit all round. I totally relaxed as everyone wanted to hold him!

Edmonton is a fantastic city, it's certainly grown since the last time we've visited. Vancouver has become so chic. I don't know if it's changed for the coming 2010 Olympics or if it's just a huge gentrification but the city is outstanding ~ house prices and affordability reflect that too.

We also made a quick trip to look at Pender Island. What a paradise. We met some great realtors and stayed at a fantastic B&B.

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