Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sharpening the saw

Thirty-five degrees hot and humid. The pool sure looks inviting. I hope that you're as ready as I am for some well earned rest and relaxation this month. Every August we take time off to reconnect with family, friends, focus on the good things, play in the ocean, eat Nanaimo bars and get a little trip in somewhere - I hope that you're doing the same.

Sharpen your saw..

Taking time completely away from your 'game' gives you a super efficient boost when you come back. It's like that extra hit of light green organic wheat grass at the juice bar or a couple shots of fine grade 1 hand picked chocolate roasted Arabica whose aroma seduces and invigorates you...

Just before you take your vacation write down your top three challenges that you're facing at the moment. The really hard ones where the solutions don't seem to come easily.

Then when you come back after your rest grab a pen and go through your 'challenge list'. Sit and write down 5 (or more) potential solutions for each challenge. Don't worry if they seem absurd or like they won't work, just go with it. Chances are there'll be some gold in the pan that you can work on to get your problems fixed.

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