Friday, September 18, 2009

Japan's Silverweek- spend money and relax.

This year is the first year that a group of holidays in September is being called "Silver Week". We have always had Golden Week in April but this is the first time we've have 5 days off in a row in September. It's not a common holiday and the next time the dates fall in a row like this will be 2015 then 2026 so we better relax while we can.

Some believe it is the Democratic Party's attempt to jump start the economy with more spending and workers using up more of their paid holiday leave.

“Promoting longer paid holidays is an effective way to expand domestic demand, not only in the travel industry but in retail as well, said Yoshiki Shinke, senior economist at Dai- Ichi Life Research Institute. “Legislation and an awareness campaign for companies are necessary” to get people to take all their holidays."

We're doing our usual trip to the cabin to relax amongst the wild monkeys in Kirifuri, Nikko. I'm on a cooking and baking spree with banana chocolate chip bread, home-made pizza and curried lentils and rotis to be some of the highlights of our week away.

Have a great weekend!

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