Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When You Believe It, You Will See It.

Last weekend I was reminded about the quantitative reality of thought. Danielle, Ronan and I visited our friends George and Harue at their newly completed home. When George first shared his dream to build this fabulous business office-cum-home it was a few years back when we were on holiday at a hot spring resort.

We regularly get together over the New Year and plan strategies for our businesses simultaneously. It's a great way to brainstorm and hold each other's feet to the fire the following year. I had no doubt that George and Harue would reach their goal. What blew me away was the detail and velocity in which their goal was achieved. You could almost see it go from thought to action to result.

I first visited the building site last fall and it was just grass, dirt and a few old cherry tree branches strewn about. As we drove up on Saturday Harue said "Do you remember how far up the road it is?" I was about to answer 'up ahead on the left', when the car slowed and a warm neon light shined in. Illuminated in front of us (on the right I might add..) were the letters 'Seibu Net Home' in a golden orange glowing sign.

Every detail was exactly how I imagined it. Now, think about that for a minute... How I imagined it.

George and Harue had talked about the details with us and had been pretty specific, but to see their vision manifest exactly as they planned was extraordinary.

The Seibu Net Home building is three floors; the main is the Realty office, second floor is divided in to two luxury rental suites and the third floor is their finely finished home. The roof has high walls and they are developing a BBQ area, putting green and outdoor bath. You can see Mt. Fuji on a clear day too.

By the way when I say luxury what I mean is that when you open the bathroom door the toilet seat automatically pops up to greet you. As the seat warms, soothing water sounds emanate from speakers hidden in the ceiling. When you leave the toilet flushes, lid closes and it says 'good-bye'.

That my friend is comfort.

It is inspiring to see a dream come true. And this enforces the truth of 'When you believe it, you'll see it'.

Choose to believe.

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