Friday, September 11, 2009

More female grads ready for the oilsands

After an intensive 17 week course, 15 women are ready to go out there and move some heavy equipment around.

"Wanda Wetterberg, operations manager for Women Building Futures anticipates that the exodus of baby boomers from the workplace, combined with the student’s hands-on experience with loaders, graders and dozers, will help open the doors wider for women in the field.

“There is and will continue to be quite a heavy demand for heavy equipment operators,” she said, adding that the same holds true in other trades.

“Even if the construction industry has slowed down a bit, the demand for operators is still pretty high. And it certainly does pay well. That’s what our students are looking for,” she said"

For now gone are the days when 12 year-olds are working at fast-food chains and restaurants are closing due to restricted staffing.

Any women who are interested in taking the course should contact Olds College or Women Building Futures

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