Monday, November 30, 2009

Edmonton's Expo 2017 Bid

I've never actually been to an Expo although having been in close proximity to 2 so far. The 1986 Vancouver one and the one in Aichi in Japan in 2005.

The only thing I do know is that my friend got bit by a giant poisonous spider that smuggled it's way to Canada in a packing crate.

She had a quarter size chunk missing out of her leg.

On that note here is Edmonton's 2017 $2.3 Billion Expo Bid.

Sounds fantastic! Hopefully I will take my 44 year old self and 9 year old son to it.

Expo 2017 Proposal: Facts and Figures

- The fair would last 93 days from early June until early September.

- The main site is on 25 hectares at University of Alberta’s South Campus, with pavilions from 80-100 countries, the 14 Canadian provinces, territories and federal governments, six companies, five non-governmental organizations, a recreation area and stages.

- This area would feature symposiums and conferences as well as displays.

- A “celebration” site is set for the historic west Rossdale-legislature grounds, which are slated for redevelopment, marking “places and spaces,” accessed by a new signature structure to replace the aging Walterdale Bridge and reusing the old Epcor power plant.

- The water taxi between the two sites would also serve Fort Edmonton Park.

- The budget includes $1.7 billion for construction, $386 million to operate the event, $55 million to subsidize poor countries that want to take part and $22 million for the entire bidding process.

- Governments would pay $2 billion, with the remainder covered by admissions and corporate sponsorship.

- Edmonton is the only Canadian city bidding for the event after Calgary backed out this fall; the 2017 host city will be chosen by the international Expo organization in 2012.

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