Saturday, February 12, 2011

Evictions and The Landlord

I had the pleasure of being "Scared Straight" at Kim Kahts owner of Associated Eviction Service's seminar yesterday. Kim is so knowledgeable - she's seen every scenario at every stage of the eviction process.

Sadly all relationships with tenants don't end ideally- some don't even start ideally!

My biggest takeaways from the seminar:

1. Follow your protocol - you have rules for a reason
2. Follow the law- document, document, document every interaction
3. Follow your actions to the end - don't let things peter out your inaction can hurt you in mediation

REIN teaches this and the seminar enforced it yesterday. Basically if you stick by your protocol it's a lot harder to get into unfavorable positions. Tenants understand "I just gotta follow the rules!"

Thanks Kim!

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