Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sayonara, Mr. Stelmach

To everyone's surprise Premier Ed Stelmach announced that he will be stepping down and leaving politics completely this year. Whether you think Mr. Stelmach's departure was premature or long overdue, the bigger debate that lies ahead is finding a capable replacement. Frankly I don't see any candidates emerging that could confidently coax my vote, yet. 

But alas, it is still early as he only made his statement on the 26th. There is still time for a fresh, new candidate to step forward and bring forth new ideas. What Stelmach's sudden departure will initially do is put a chill in the air when it comes to doing business in Alberta and the energy sector, as uncertainty often does. 

In my opinion, if the political rumours are to be believed, a leader who elects to depart before completing his term is admitting weakness and inability in controlling his party as well as governing his province. It is ignoble to bow out, to cop out, due to a lack of competence. It absolutely must be an incredibly difficult job to do, but one in which the challenges should have been weighed prior to enlisting for. At the end of the day, pulling out early without a succession plan in place ultimately shows a level of ignorance and apathy over what is best for Alberta. Of course without ever being in Ed Stelmach's skin I can't truly say for certain.

What I'd like so see in the new Premier is someone with the confidence and ability to lead, the business acumen to promote, develop and guide the Oil Sands to years of success and the financial savvy to build up Alberta's economic diversity while maintaining and striving for a high standard of living.

I am optimistic for what this change will bring. I think that Premier Stelmach's heart may have been in the right place. He has made great contributions. Moving forward we must choose a leader with heart, soul, brawn and brains to get us to the next level.

What are your thoughts? There are some polarized opinions and funny insights - like here, here and here. This Calgary Herald Gallery is a good example of the range of reactions.

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