Monday, February 07, 2011

A Monster of a Weekend

The weather was beautiful this weekend. We got a lot of walks around our place and went to the pool for a quick swimming lesson.

The highlight for Ronan was Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam. He's been into Monster Trucks for a few weeks and when I saw they were coming we grabbed tickets. It's a lot of fun for kids. We were thrilled by the motor-cross riders. They're fearless and the danger level intense.

We were given our first taste of the Edmonton-Calgary rivalry with some Calgary quad riders taking sling shots at Edmontonians.

"There are about 10,000 people here so that's about 1 empty trailer park." Very hammy but the kids loved it when Edmonton quad riders won the quad race.

Honestly no one seemed to care about the Edmonton- Calgary rivalry so I googled it - is it still alive? It started here but over time it has comes down to weather...

I love the person who wrote Millwoods is a dangerous neighbourhood! Been there lately? Yeah the desire for a gorgeous home might "rob" your wallet. Everywhere has dangerous areas.

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Liquid Roof said...

I also planned to go out side with my family but unfortunately i can't go due to heavy rain, we are still busy in cleaning our house because the roof was leaked with rain. This weekend was so boring for me.