Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Ahhh snow!

What a beautiful day outside if you're looking out your window. Driving in it not so nice. Days like this remind me of why Edmonton should become a winter city. We could play it so well.

Yesterday's balmy 7C made me think- what if winter in Edmonton stayed this way? Last year was warm what if it just keeps getting warmer? It would certainly change the dynamic of the city. I wonder if Edmonton would explode in population growth as it became "easier" an easier place to live. 

The jobs are enough to beckon many but some must still stay away because of the extreme temperatures. I'm thinking the call of the loonie is compelling enough to get a good winter gear and get out here.

I even bought a pair of Sorels this year the serious up to your knee -40C ones. They are awesome. This coming from a girl who tottered around in 4 inch oxblood Italian leather boots her first year in Edmonton. They now slump salt stained in the back of my closet waiting for summer.

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