Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alberta Economic Highlights -2012

From the Alberta, Canada Website:

"From the beginning, the story of Alberta has been tied to the remarkable wealth of the land offered by diverse landscapes, fertile soils, rich forests, and more recently, oil and energy resources. Albertans continue to bring to this land their dreams and aspirations, realizing opportunities, responding to challenges in a spirit of entrepreneurship and industry, their hard work rewarded by beautiful, healthy Alberta that is the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Today, investors and entrepreneurs from around the world are drawn to Alberta - its energy, optimism and success.

The people of Alberta enjoy a very high quality of life, including the lowest overall taxes in Canada. Albertans have the highest disposable incomes in Canada, the lowest unemployment rate, and a big, beautiful backyard to enjoy all year long. That’s why so many people think Alberta is an ideal place to live, work , and do business." 

There is a presentation  up from August 2012 the great thing is these presentations don't take a degree in Economics to understand. That is why they are so informative for the layperson to get a feel of what is happening in our province.

Get your PDF here

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