Monday, November 26, 2012

Delegation the key to Peace of Mind

I used an judgement enforcement company for the first time this month. I had a tenant who was so pernicious and ridiculous that I couldn't deal with this person any more. It dawned on me that receiving 10 - 15 absurd emails a day was something I didn't have to deal with. The only trouble was I've often prided myself on doing everything related to management so it was a big leap for me to hire someone to do something I'm perfectly capable of doing.

Then I realized -as landlords and business owners there is a lot that we delegate, taxes, cleaning, repairs and the list grows as your business grows. There comes a time when you are managing that you have to remove yourself from a tenant situation and let someone totally impartial do the job. Credit Info Canada did everything and the only time they contacted me was to tell me the job was done and there was an order to vacate against the tenant. 

I love that.

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